Gratitude is positive
Develop an attitude of gratitude – slow that hamster wheel down.

Glass half full?

Many of the clients that visit me do so because their perspective has altered from what it was.  They used to be calm and positive. They now find themselves anxious, stressed, depressed,  focussing or obsessing on problems.   It is almost like they are trapped on a treadmill or on a giant hamster wheel fueled by adrenaline.   They find it very difficult to stop thinking the way they have started thinking and the more they try it’s almost as if the harder it becomes.   Often their thoughts simply produce more adrenaline and stress hormones and that hamster wheel starts spinning faster.

Very often with such a client if I pay them a sincere heartfelt compliment they either reject it wholly, or play it down.   Not only are they not taking in the positive vibe, they are also partly depriving me of the joy of freely giving a compliment.  Nobody wins.

Such clients usually realise they are thinking negatively and then beat themselves up.   Beating yourself up is counter productive (Spinning that stress hamster wheel faster)  unless it leads to positive action and I would urge you to stop that.   Start being gentler.


Compassion begins with yourself.  In Hypnotherapy we can: –

  • Help change your perspective/ point of view
  • Give relief from stress and  help you find some peace and relaxation
  • Help you visualise a more positive future
  • Release trapped emotions that are keeping you stuck
  • Change your beliefs about what you can actually achieve and do.

I can help you “develop an attitude of gratitude”.    In Hypnotherapy we can use powerful visualisation to help you imagine things differently.    When you are stressed, anxious or depressed, Your friends, family or colleagues telling you that you need to be “more positive” doesn’t really help you.

Helping you develop gratitude is just one aspect of Hypnotherapy that can help you see things more positively and start to slow that dreaded hamster wheel down.   It is just one element that needs to be combined with the other techniques to help you achieve fundamental and lasting change.

The when people pay you a compliment – you will be able to receive it with the good grace with which it was delivered and may be able to return a compliment.

If you struggle to see how this applies to your situation then why not call me to discuss?

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