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“Im not a creative type.  I was rubbish at art, I can’t draw.  I’m a left brainer, totally logical.  I don’t think I could run my own business”

The above statement is a fairly typical self limiting belief (Probably born in the 1970’s) which I shall now try to debunk.   Firstly we all have a brain with right and left sides.  Broadly speaking – the Left to do with Logic -( Numbers and language), the right to do with creativity (Music, Art).    Much of the original science and the source of some people’s understanding was based on how we thought the brain worked.   However since we have been able to look at how brains work with Functional MRI scans we now know that  we all use both sides of our brains.  The dominance of logic over creativity is not much more than learning preference, behaviour and what you actually learn / train.

If you adopt a growth mindset – you will probably accept that there are areas of personal knowledge and skill that you can improve upon?

Believing that you “are what you are” severely limits your potential.   Believing that anything is potentially possible until you have given it your best shot is a much better strategy.


Look at the history of the High Jump.   In 1912 the High Jump world record was 2.01m (6’7″)  Dick Fosbury changed the approach to the high jump winning a gold medal in 1968 and in a short period by 1977 the world record  stood at 2.35 m (7 ft 812 in)

When clients visit me I have my own example  to demonstrate your limiting beliefs – this often gets a laugh – but you have to visit to try it.

Hypnotherapy coupled with some practical coaching exercises can help you overcome limiting beliefs: –

  • Challenge your own belief system
  • Visualise ambitious personal growth
  • Understand your attachment to you own limitations and start to let go
  • Visualise your dreams

I’m not suggesting for one minute that if you have played the guitar for years, hypnosis will suddenly make you a better guitar player (Although it still might).  I am suggesting that all human beings are thoroughly creative – we predominantly think using our imagination and what we imagine determines the outcome.

My own experience is this.   My Hypnotherapy draws its inspiration not only from my training but from the experiences I have had and the huge number of books and articles that I’ve read.   By combining different sources of information I am not just being logical but I am also creating something new.  I have also set the creative ball rolling and it is gathering momentum.   I write creatively every day.  When I first started writing I found it difficult to write 400 words – my focus was on getting from 300 to 400.   Now I really struggle to keep it succinct (or below 750 words).    I surrounded myself with entrepreneurs, other hypnotherapists and networked.   I now consider myself an entrepreneur.   I kept stepping outside of my comfort zone until I didn’t recognise a comfort zone any more.  I’m still currently rubbish at drawing but thanks to a book by Betty Edwards – “Drawing on the right side of the brain” – that’s something on my list.   By visualising a different future for myself I made into my reality.

In some respects I don’t recognise my old self.

And yes the initial statement at the top of this article was made by me about 5 years ago.

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