Do you get really angry and fit to burst
Manage Anger?

Anger Management  / Controlling your anger

Anger when appropriate is perfect natural and is very much a call to action – a rush of adrenaline to help you get something done.  As with many of the subjects on this site it is all connected with our primitive Fight, Flight or Freeze response.    The cost of anger is often high – often in modern society,  anger cannot be satisfactorily resolved.   Inappropriate anger may be as a result of previous experiences.  You over react and this can have negative consequences for your relationships, your blood pressure and your health.  Unresolved anger can lead to all sorts of other issues including depression.

It used to be fashionable that letting off steam was good – the way in which you do this matters a lot – there is much more evidence that getting angry harms you and that people who regularly lose their temper live shorter, less healthy lives.

It is much better to remain mindful and employ a range of assertiveness techniques.   It is not good to bottle emotions but releasing emotion as anger usually does more harm than good.

Hypnotherapy can help you : –

  • Help you be mindful of events and how you react – identify the real triggers
  • Help see yourself and to help you behave calmly and assertively without anger
  • Release emotions from extreme negative references – “Regression”
  • Understand that people can’t “MAKE” you angry – it is a choice that you have
  • Give you mental tools to help you manage your anger and become calmer
  • Help you meditate and relax /  release pent up emotion


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