Personal Growth

Personal Growth is essential
Has your personal growth slowed or stopped?

“I’m passionate about this due to my own personal  experience”

What is striking about clients that are overawed with stress, anxiety, fear and depression is that one of the first things to go out of the window in their busy lives is personal growth.   (In surveys the people that are generally happier with their lives feel strongly that they are continuing to grow personally)     Often circumstances have meant that they are almost working flat out just to maintain the status quo.  I’m passionate about this due to my own personal experience and can usually understand client’s issues with empathy and clarity.

Typical Stressors

  • Demands of their job and competition in the workplace
  • Demands of their partner
  • Demands of Children and the “tricky management” of teenagers
  • Demands of aging parents
  • Bereavement
  • Divorce and relationship break up
  • Financial pressure
  • Health challenges and or the aging process
  • A sever lack of  Time, “Me time” and personal space
  • A lack of personal fun, laughter and balance

As a way of coping people will often focus on the problems yet unfortunately the problems are really all sources of stress and downward spiral may commence.   The outcome can be one of  depression or “being stuck” at various levels.

Getting back to Personal Growth and a more positive mindset

Hypnotherapy with some aspects of Personal coaching (Life Coaching) is very good at helping you move forward.

  • If you have had health challenges and have experienced grief or depression then hypnotherapy can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life.  It can help you to come to terms with events and losses.
  • When overwhelmed it may be very difficult to see a way forward.   Hypnotherapy can help you visualise a way forward.
  • Stress is the major influencer of your thoughts and predisposes us towards negativity.  Managing stress is essential and again Hypnosis has a very good track record in managing stress.
  • When overwhelmed it may be difficult to imagine a brighter future.  I can help with the feelings of being overwhelmed.

Go for Growth

Within a few sessions it is possible to turn things around

  • Sweep away your attachment to the things that are holding you back
  • Let go of unsuccessful past attempts to change
  • Achieve serenity and a more relaxed state of mind
  • Visualise a brighter future
  • Find your inner confidence, determination and motivation
  • Overcome  self limiting beliefs
  • Imagine new goals
  • Start to act and remain goal focussed through visualisation

Helping someone move back into personal growth is the most rewarding aspect of hypnotherapy and coaching – helping someone who is stuck to move forward.    It can be utterly life changing.

10 sessions are recommended but why not try 3 for starters and see how you get on?  If you get a sound return on your investment and achieve life changes it is money very well spent.

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