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Many athletes can train perfectly well for an event only to find that their Sports performance on the day is less than they anticipated.   My own experience of running marathons was a similar story.   I really enjoyed the training but on the day of the big race the initial excitement and euphoria meant that I ran the first few miles too quickly and then struggled to run as well as I had in training.  The first time I ran a Marathon I hit the dreaded wall at 22 miles.  It felt psychologically crushing.  I had done all the training and now my legs felt like lead and I shuffled along painfully for the rest of the race.  During the last 4 miles my mind was telling me to quit.   The following year I got faster, trained harder and psyched myself up expecting to hit the wall around 22 miles.   I hit the wall at 19 miles and this greatly reduced my speed!  Despite this I was mentally tougher and went on to beat the previous years time by 20 minutes.

Sports performance hypnosis can help you achieve your full potential and can help reduce some of the negative effects of crowds or the pressure of intense competition.  These effects should help you perform better on the day but can often overwhelm.

Hypnotherapy is known to be one of the best ways to treat the yips.

Sports performance hypnosis and things that respond particularly well: –

  • Golf – a mindgame
  • Tennis, Squash, badminton and similar
  • Running and hurdling
  • Any athletics particularly were timing or precision can be critical
  • Any Endurance sport such as long distance kayaking, rowing, cycling where fatigue can be an issue.
  • Rowing – Precision, balance and endurance
  • Rugby, Soccer, Hockey (Shooting for the goal)
  • Darts – Another mindgame and subject to the yips
  • Snooker

Sports Hypnotherapy can: –

  • Improve confidence
  • Increase focus
  • Remove or reduce limiting beliefs
  • Remove negativity
  • Help you pace yourself
  • Improve endurance
  • Help avoid distractions  (crowds etc.)
  • Improve discipline and dedication in training
  • Help you find “the Zone” and spend more time there
  • Concentrate on getting there rather than being wrapped up in how your competitors are doing.
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