Speaking in Public

Hypnosis can give you the confidence to speak publicly
Overcome Public Speaking nerves or paralysis with hypnosis

Public Speaking

Many of us can hold a perfectly normal conversation with our friends and family,  colleagues,  mates in the pub etc.  As soon as we are asked to talk formally to a large group of people we are struck with fear. This can be as few as three people!

Sometimes this fear can prevent us from talking altogether or from giving the talk we would like to give.   Hypnotherapy can help you manage that anxiety and allow you to talk to a large group of people just as you might talk to a small group of friends.  You can learn to harness your fear and channel it into enthusiasm.

  • Help you change your perspective on preparing for such a speech
  • Give you mental tools to help you stop worrying about it and to relax you
  • See yourself doing it  – A mental rehearsal – calmly
  • To turn nervousness (fight, flight or freeze) into excitement and enthusiasm
  • To help you think about the whole thing much more positively
  • Reframe memories based on failed  or previous embarrassing efforts

For example:  Wedding speeches, The Best Man’s Speech, the Groom’s speech.    Conferences, Presentations, fundraisers.

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