Exam Nerves

Exam Nerves
Examination Nerves messing you up and preventing you revising?

Test Looming?

If your Exam nerves are affecting your ability to prepare for, or even take part in an examination  – including driving tests, then Hypnotherapy can help you deal with the anxiety and nervousness.  It can help you prepare properly for the exam /test so that you remain focussed.   It can reduce your anxiety about the exam and can even be used to help you sleep properly beforehand.

  • Replace fear with focus on revising
  • Help you regain your confidence
  • Give you tools to help you relax releasing tension and stress

Driving test

If you can prepare for your driving test and drive perfectly up to the day of the test but then fall apart then Hypnotherapy can help you with those nerves and stop you self sabotaging.

  • If you have failed before already then your fear of failing again may have increased?
  • Putting yourself under pressure to pass

Interview Nerves

Rather than me write about it let one of my clients tell you his experience

Andi Armitage reviewed Jeff Cassapi Hypnotherapist5 star
19 June 2015

After a difficult period in my life and loosing confidence, Jeff worked with me to deal with my anxieties and nervousness in job interview situations.

I was invited for an interview for a dream job but was feeling I would mess it up again and be nervous in the presentation.

Jeff enabled me to be calm, collected and projecting quiet confidence.

I got the job.

Thanks Jeff.

Facebook review of Jeff Cassapi
Andi Armitage facebook review of Jeff Cassapi
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