Need some help when competing
If races go worse than your training then there could be self-sabotage

Improve your performance?

Often intrusive or negative  thoughts can get in the way of a good performance.   In golf this can be referred to as the Yips.

Hypnotherapy can help you re-focus on the positive aspects and stop those intrusive thoughts.   It can also help to expand your perspective.    If you cycle a few miles imagine the gap between your mindset and that of someone in the Tour de France.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping you visualise success.

  • Sports – timing and precision is important
    • Golf
    • Darts
    • Snooker
    • Tennis
    • Cricket
    • Athletics – Endurance and fatigue
  • Exams
  • Driving Test
  • Sex – Not just specific problems but overall
  • Public Speaking

Many people once they get into the vicious cycle of worrying that their effort is not going to be good,  find it difficult to ever visualise it ever being good again.   I help them firstly get the issue into perspective through hypnotherapy and then to imagine a successful outcome.  By making this imagery very powerful and removing emotional attachment to the ideas that keep you stuck it is possible to move forward and completely overcome your issues.

It is not simply a matter of relaxing.   When you are faced with performing and experience anxiety it is almost impossible not to think about the thing that you don’t want to think about.  You may try in vain and to use a cliché – There is an Elephant in the room and it just won’t go away.   Hypnotherapy helps you to imagine the Elephant differently and to be able to think and see past it.   Being mindful will certainly help but if the issue has persisted for a long time then some of these thought processes are ingrained, automatic thoughts.

This really is one of the best applications for Hypnotherapy.

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