Fear is imaginary
Fear is created by our imaginations

Panic is a normal response that nearly everyone experiences from time to time.

Its how you deal with it  and how you react that affects the outcome.  However such is the nature of your subconscious mind that for some of us the more we try to deal with the problem,  the less able we feel we are able to do so.   Hypnosis is very useful is restoring perspective.  When you are panicking you may feel like everything is out of  your control which adds to the trauma experienced.   Sometimes the cause isn’t very apparent

Panic attacks

These usually occur when the normal physiological responses to fear, anxiety or stress are misinterpreted by the mind and it mistakes these signals for a catastrophic event.  The limbic system in your brain floods the body with hormones and prepares the body for a massive fight,  flight or freeze.   During a such an attack you may think that you are going to die or have a massive heart attack.   Strangely these attacks are a learned behaviour and the key to dealing with them is to unlearn the behaviour This can be done extremely quickly and effectively with hypnotherapy.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is a specific anxiety about having panic attacks.
Anxiety responds well to hypnotherapy.  Anxiety, this disorder and Panic attacks can all be tackled with hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is most appropriate when a person feels overwhelmed and can give rapid relief and respite.


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