Memory Loss

Misplacing things - is it short term memory loss?
Short term memory loss – where are my keys?

Memory Loss

Memory loss occurs for lots of reasons.   Can hypnotherapy address memory loss?  Almost certainly the answer is YES!  Please read the article at the bottom of this page.

Everybody experiences What Emile Coue called “The law of reverse effect”.  You have gone into a room to do something and when you get there you cannot remember what it is.  The harder you try to remember the less able you are to do so.  In this instance whatever you try to do consciously the subconscious will prevent you from doing.   Usually when you move to another room and do something else you will remember that you left your car keys in your dressing gown pocket – Doh!

TIP – Put your keys always in the same place and significantly reduce the stress of trying to find them – then you only need to find your wallet or your purse.

There is also a process of autosuggestion where the subconscious will “Make it so”.  In this case you should be very wary of making negative statements such as “My Memory is getting worse as I get older”  Your subconscious may interpret this as a cue and will oblige you with a failing  memory.

Memory loss with increasing age = Myth?

There is in fact short of dementia almost no evidence that in isolation memory declines with age.   Other things going on need to be taken into consideration.   Hypnotherapy can help with many different aspects of memory.

  • As we get older,  just like a computer our brains contain more information and slow down slightly.  Information is there and will come out,  just beware of the “Reverse effect”.
  • Stress and anxiety can significantly impact on your short term memory -in particular  being “up the wall” can cause you to forget all sorts of things.  Hypnotherapy can help you reduce your stress levels and help  you relax.
  • Depression and low mood – decreased levels of Serotonin will adversely affect memory
  • Isolation can adversely affect your brain chemistry – increasing feelings of low self-esteem – linked to depression.  We are social creatures and there are substantial hormonal and brain chemistry benefits,  to being included in social interaction.
  • Nutrition – Not getting the right nutrients over a long period of time can impact negatively on your memory.
  • Immobility, lack of exercise and or a lack of stimuli has a negative effect on mental health -all the reasons why it is important to take dogs for a walk.  Hypnotherapy can boost motivation to eat healthily and exercise more.
  • Insomnia / Sleep deprivation can dramatically adversely affect memory.
  • Illness – hormonal imbalances, diabetes.
  • Smoking

As I  was writing this page, what struck me,  was how many elderly people accept that failing memory is part of getting old.
All of the above needs to be looked at before you jump to the conclusion that you are losing your memory and your mind.

Repressed Memories

If we experience trauma we may experience that we forget the events.  Often the memory and in particular the emotion of that memory can remain trapped in the subconscious.  Sometimes we learn lessons early in life and somehow the subconscious interprets a way to protect us. If you continue to experience undesirable thoughts or emotions years after an event you may wish to revisit these repressed memories. Hypnotherapy does not need to address the root cause of a problem but in certain cases, if you are struggling to move on then it can be considered.  Re-examining events and repressed memories is regression.

Past life Memories

If you have strong feelings of Deja vu or memories that have no rational explanation then this is something for you to investigate.  This is covered in more detail  on this page /past-life-regression

Memory issues through Dementia

Hypnotherapy can almost certainly improve the situation for Dementia sufferers  see the article below: –


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