Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders are generally more common in women

You must seek medical supervision before considering hypnotherapy.

Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Rumination, Pica and Night Eating Syndrome 


The causes of this disease are not fully understood but the symptoms are clearly understood though it is usual to find Stress, Anxiety, Depression or Low Self Esteem linked with the condition.  A person typically sees themselves differently to how everyone else sees them.  Even though very thin you may still perceive yourself as fat.  Hypnotherapy can help reduce stress and anxiety and may be useful in helping with the overall treatment of the patient.
Treatment centres on the factors that caused the disorder, visualising a better outcome and learning to truly love and value yourself.

As with any serious illness you must be under the guidance of a G.P. before using Hypnotherapy as part of your treatment.  There can be no exceptions to this rule.

Here is press excerpt on how hypnotherapy helped a model: -//


Has some similarities with Anorexia   with an increasing obsession with food and is characterised by eating binges followed by purging.
Its association with Stress and Anxiety means that a similar approach would be followed in Hypnotherapy.

Night Eating Syndrome

You eat at night – sometimes not even conscious – almost like sleep walking


The eating of substances that have no nutritional value such as soil.

Fear of vegetables is not an eating disorder but a phobia and is treated differently – please see phobias

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