Initial Consultation

Lets talk before we meet
I do all my initial consultations over the phone, Skype or messenger.

I do all my initial consultation over the phone
(or by Skype etc by arrangement)

At the first face to face meeting I will apportion extra time at the beginning of the session to chat face to face.

Q Why do I do the initial consultation over the phone?

A It is a no obligation consultation – You aren’t obliged to use my services and I’m not obliged to take you on as a client.

Q Why don’t you do free face to face consultations?

A If you’ve got doubts or concerns then these can be answered over the phone. If you want to know more about how I work or my approach then all these pages and every word was written by me. You can ask me as many things as you like over the phone, or by email.

Note: One reason why some competitors do the initial consultation for free face to face on their premises is not much more than a sales technique. How likely do you think that you are going to leave their premises without committing to a course of sessions?

In stark contrast I only want you to come to me if you warm to me, and keep coming to me if you feel you are getting real value. Complex cases may require several weeks or even months of Therapy yet I still feel very strongly that each session should deliver real value. If you don’t feel the value – then it is simple – you should stop coming.

Catching Customers…..

You will see that I don’t have landing pages or “Speak to me now” pop ups on my site. Those things are just annoying and designed to capture you. I want you to wander in freely 🙂 If you want to sign up for newsletters or telephone me – it is dead easy to do that stuff.

Q Surely you know how many sessions will be required for my issues?

A I will make an initial recommendation. However everyone is different.

  • Differing degrees of ability to imagine and visualise in Hypnosis.
  • Different levels of commitment to change
  • Differing acceptance and responsibility for your own issues.
  • Different life experiences and age
  • Different personality types

Note: Not all clients really understand what is causing their problems. Sometimes it is much simpler than they thought and others it is much more complicated. Sometimes after the first session they have a clearer view and this can shape future sessions.

I am very confident yet it would be arrogance if I treated all clients the same way. I want to provide something that is unique to you.

Q How long does the initial conversation take.

A I will spend as long as I need. Sometimes the initial conversation might take an hour. We can cover most angles for relatively simple problems in 20 minutes. Sometimes a client has unrealistic expectations about what they can achieve (Addiction in particular is a tricky area) and I may suggest that they see a different type of therapist or their GP.

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