Hypnotherapist weight loss?

A picture of Jeff Cassapi with a huge belly in his mid30s
I understand how people get big and the effort required in weight loss.

Weight loss Experience?

I have weight loss experience.   Do you need a Therapist who has a solid understanding of weight loss?  He truly understands what you need to do?  There has been some debate in the press. Can obese Doctors effectively treat obese patients or obese hypnotherapists help obese clients?  I was effectively obese in my 30s – see the picture to the right.   It was a long time ago and my son is a grown man now!

How effective is Hypnotherapy for weight loss?

I have said many times that Hypnotherapy is not a silver bullet. It is, however, one of the most especially relevant ways to help your weight loss effort.   An extremely useful tool in helping you understand emotional reasons for eating.   This may set it apart from other weight loss programmes.   Hypnotherapy can help you eat more mindfully.

Creative visualisation

I can help you imagine that you have a virtual gastric band.   You can act out the belief that you have one eating smaller amounts as a result.   We help remove barriers to doing more exercise.   Have you developed bad eating habits?   You have failed to lose significant amounts of weight and now my Hypnotherapy should be able to tip the balance.   Are you finally ready to lose weight but need a boost?   The clients that use hypnotherapy as part of their armoury against weight loss will always have a head start over clients who don’t really understand why they can’t lose weight.   You are looking to add whatever weapons you can to your weight loss armoury and Hypnotherapy has the best track-record.

The authority of your Hypnotherapist in Weight Loss?

It is my firm belief,  that in order to be a credible Hypnotherapist,  you need to be able to talk with authority. You must either have experienced the issues yourself or have a very very good understanding of them.   It is the exactly right combination of training, empathy and being attuned to clients.   You are right to ask in-depth questions of your Hypnotherapists experience.

Many of the great hypnotherapists are themselves excellent hypnotic subjects.   I regularly self-hypnosis to tackle my own issues.  I try to practice what I preach and if I didn’t,  I would very much feel like a hypocrite.

The question I would be asking an overweight hypnotherapist about weight loss is why don’t you practice what you preach?   If you believe in hypnotherapy then use it on yourself.  You must have hypnotherapy colleagues who can help?

Note:  I have first hand experience of Weight loss,  Depression,  Anxiety,  Bereavement,  Grief,  Phobia,  Public Speaking,  Sports performance,  Symptom relief,  Personal Change, Sleep issues and developing Self-Confidence.   I believe this gives me considerable insight as to what might help you.

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