Weight Loss Hypnosis

Do you have a weight problem
Do you avoid the scales?  Or worse weigh yourself several times a day.  What did you expect to see?  Your weight varies naturally anyway.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

What is weight loss hypnosis?  Is it a refined product that gives guaranteed results?   Is it something that can be applied to everybody with a very high guarantee of success?   Is it an It?  The simple answer is NO.

With all hypnosis there is one element that changes in every situation – that is YOU.   Whilst some hypnotherapists may claim to have a winning formula,  every person is different.   Applying the same bandage to every patient in hospital would not be sensible.  And with weight loss hypnosis, treating every client that wants to lose weight the same way simply doesn’t make sense.

The most important thing to realise is that hypnotherapy isn’t an “It”.  Essentially all hypnosis is self hypnosis – it is your mind, you that does the work, you that changes your perspective, you that changes your eating habits, you that exercises more.   I as a hypnotherapist guide you, help you visualise changing your habits, help you overcome emotional reasons why you eat and help you overcome mental blocks that stop you from changing your behaviour.

When you visit me for weight loss hypnosis I want to tackle the behaviour that causes you to be overweight,   not just stop you eating too much or exercising too little.   For the vast majority of people this means a huge change in attitude to food, changes to diet, changes to your attitude towards exercise and a change to how you view food as a reward.    Learning to manage your own stress level is crucial because when we are tired, stressed or slightly depressed,  many of us over eat, eat the wrong things (Chocolate, crisps, cheese, biscuits, cake)  and perhaps drink too much alcohol.

I may employ a whole bag of different techniques including gastric band ideas, motivation, mindful eating,  aversion to certain foods.

Q  How many sessions will I require?

A   This is an individual thing – you know yourself fairly well and will know from past weight loss attempts how successful you have been. Fundamentally if what you’ve done in the past didn’t really work and you put the weight back on again then you now need a different approach and a different perspective on the issues – hypnotherapy can help you with that.   Most clients should start with 3 sessions at this will give a good start to a new effort.  If you are making good progress and your life suddenly becomes more stressful because of a life changing event then you may want to think about further sessions.  Prices can be found on the pricelist page.

Q – How much can I expect to lose / What is a good steady weight loss?
A – It is generally accepted that 2lbs a week is achievable without medical supervision

I encourage all weight loss clients to stay in touch – I want you to succeed at weigh loss just as I did 3 years ago.

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