Surgical Gastric Band
Surgical Gastric Band

A hypnotic gastric band has none of the risks of surgery.

The pioneers of The Hypnotic Gastric band originally suggested a client to imagine having a gastric band fitted. To their amazement the client lost weight.

laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, often called a lap band or LAGB, is an inflatable silicone device placed around the top portion of the stomach.  This slows the consumption of food and therefore the amount of food consumed.  It is considered a drastic but effective treatment for obesity.  As with any surgery it carries risks.  You also might want to consider whether you really want silicone wrapped around one of your internal organs.  

Patients who have an actual  (Surgical) gastric band fitted have to watch what they eat. They have to eat smaller amounts of nutritious food to ensure that all of the needs of their body are met.  They have to ensure that they consume enough minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids.  They cannot eat to excess.  However even with the Surgical Gastric band if people are hell bent on consuming calories,  then the effectiveness of the procedure will be reduced.  It is essential that you make the effort to change your eating habits.

Some people fitted with Gastric bands will put high calorie foods through a blender so that they can consume more calories and reduce the effectiveness of the procedure!

None of the risks that surgery has – Professionally administered Hypnotherapy is totally natural and safe and carries no known risks.

An important part of hypnotherapy is to tackle the root cause of any problem.  If you are eating for emotional reasons then the really effective treatment is to tackle these emotional issues.  Self esteem, positive body image,  and lots of other factors influence whether a person will eat the right amount the majority of the time.

Incidentally I lost 3 nearly 3 stone in 2013 after many years of being overweight.  I even ran Marathons a few years back and was still 3 stone overweight!

Please note I have heard from some people that they bought into deals for gastric band type hypnotherapy which involved very little interaction with the hypnotherapist and also used tapes.  All my hypnotherapy is individually tailored to your requirements.  I do not use tapes or a one size fits all approach and do not really understand how this approach could work.  Fundamentally I want to get to the root of your issues if I can and help you make life changes.

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