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Lose Weight? I lost 4 stone – 40 inch waist down to 34 inches!

To lose weight you do not need to diet!

A diet is an artificial situation that isn’t sustainable to lose weight.  You need a more successful strategy to get that fat off!

How much better would it be to change your attitude fundamentally to food so that you only eat what you need?

The normal guideline on losing weight is that as a rule of thumb most people can reasonably safely lose around 2lbs of fat per week.   Losing weight more rapidly should not be done without medical supervision.

Weight loss Diets

Many weight loss “diets” will get you to change what you eat.  Normally increasing your intake of vegetables and fruit.  In the first 10 days of such a diet you are unlikely to lose more than the prescribed 2lbs per week in fat but by changing your diet you will see other effects that cause your weight to vary.  It is not uncommon for your weight to decrease by 7lbs in this period yet this is not fat.  Most of it is changes in the percentage water and the amount or lack thereof of digested food contained within the gut.

The diet industry is a huge money making machine.  Slimming clubs are also money making enterprises.  Do any of these people really have an interest in you losing weight and keeping off for good?  I suspect not.   Ironically I saw a recent advert that said lose an amount of weight in a certain amount of weeks and get your money back – I wonder how often they have to pay out?  I suspect not very often.

My motivation as a hypnotherapist is to help you change your eating habits and form new habits such that you can reach the weight you would like to be at.   I used to be 18 stone and now I am 4 stone lighter.  I manage to maintain a constant weight give or take a few pounds.

Using Hypnotherapy I can help you to: –

  • Overcome or understand “emotional eating”
  • Stop feeling so negatively about all those failed weight loss attempts (A lifetime)
  • Stop lying to yourself and others about how much you eat and “get real”
  • Eat when hungry – and only when hungry
  • Just the right amounts – see food as fuel, not as rewards
  • Healthy eating and really enjoy doing so.
  • See yourself in the mirror as you really are – no breathing in
  • Always avoid starvation – keep your metabolic furnace really fired up – Hungry is good, “Starving hungry” is bad
  • Snacks can be useful
  • Stop obsession about what you are going to eat and when you are going to eat
  • Eat things you really want to eat but completely rationally – e.g. eating cake if you “Really want it”
  • Ensure that you are always sufficiently hydrated and not thirsty
  • Really savour every mouthful of food and eat mindfully
  • Eat much more slowly
  • Develop an aversion to Sugary or fatty foods – realise how damaging they can be
  • Stop or drastically reduce consuming “sweet things” And that means Full Sugar , Diet drinks and Fruit juice
  • Orientate your 5 a day to vegetables – not fruit
  • Overcome any aversion to vegetables and fruit
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption
  • Find the motivation to exercise more
  • Overcome reasons for not exercising – (such as I think everyone is looking at me)
  • Develop a very clear weight loss goal and help you visualise how you will look
  • Imagine having an imaginary Gastric Band fitted – see below
  • Lose weight at a sustainable 2lbs per week over a prolonged period
  • Lose 3 stone or more as required

Additional Support throughout

I offer continued telephone and Skype support right through to your target weight level.  I offer personalised self-hypnosis recordings to reinforce your efforts.

Everyone’s requirements are different.  Some people can kick start their efforts with just one session though most find that a series of sessions and the ongoing support can help them achieve lasting weight loss.

The wonderful thing for me is that I now eat exactly what I want to eat when I want it.  If I want to eat cake I do so.  The reality is that most of the time I don’t really want it or need it so I don’t bother.    Prior to losing weight, I used to pay a lot of attention to what I was eating and when I was eating.  Now I tend to eat when hungry.   I very rarely eat too much and when I have had enough to eat I simply stop eating.   I never finish something for the sake of finishing it – that’s what freezer bags are for.

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