Save Money

Save Money
If you are perpetually broke is there an aspect of your behaviour that you rationalise?

If you are unable to save  or perpetually broke  is your level of spending an issue?

  • Do you regularly live beyond your means and don’t really know why?
  • Do you go immediately go shopping on pay day as the antidote to having been skint for 2 weeks?
  • Do “wants” conveniently become “needs”?
  • Has spending become a habit that you can’t break out of?
  • Do you rationalise that it is “Retail Therapy”
  • Do you regularly seem to have less than other people?
  • Are you strung out / broke before payday?
  • Would you like to save up?
  • Do you have credit card debts, regularly pay overdraft fees etc?
  • Do you regularly drink too much or  throw out of date food away?

If you find that you really do want to change your behaviour but then find yourself yet again just buying this or that and at the time it seems important but then after the purchase you wonder why it was so important or the purchase doesn’t satisfy like you thought it would?

With Hypnotherapy come to terms with what is really driving your behaviour at a subconscious level.  Break your spending habit and understand your own dependencies.   Develop new goals and with hypnotherapy to make those goals extremely vivid and compelling.

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