Stop Eating Chocolate

Are you a chocoholic?
Are you a bit of a Chocoholic but would like to stop?

Do you find it impossible to stop eating chocolate?

If you struggle to avoid eating chocolate then Hypnotherapy might be able to help.  Our association with the pleasure of chocolate can form at an early age and when we eat chocolate it can stimulate the brain to release hormones associated with pleasure.

Chocolate also contains caffeine and lots of sugar.  Milk and white Chocolate are the worst offenders for sugar.  70% Cocoa Solid dark chocolate has many benefits.   If we have had a dull or stressful day we may find ourselves buying chocolate and may also find ourselves polishing off the whole bar.  I particularly like dark chocolate and I eat moderate amounts yet I have this under control.

In addition to a chocolate problem you may also have a bit of a sugar problem.  That being the case if you are consuming more that your daily quota of sugar (70g for a man and 50g for a woman) then you run an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and the health risks attributed to that such as Cardiovascular disease – Heart attack, stroke, Blindness and circulation issues.

If you want to give up chocolate altogether we can generally do that in a single session.   Creating an aversion to chocolate is possible.

Hypnotherapy to lose weight
Want to finally lose those pounds – and keep failing?

We can alternatively help you eat chocolate in moderation since dark chocolate in particular can be beneficial as part of a balanced diet. The crucial thing is are you overweight and is chocolate one of the main culprits?   If you are not overweight then you can carry on  eating it in moderate amounts.  As with anything you eat is is important that it is part of a balanced diet.

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