Sleep Issues

Tired and Stressed before the day has begun
Do you have Sleep Issues or Insomnia?

 Insomnia and Sleep Issues

Do you have problems sleeping which then leaves you tired and stressed before the day has begun?   How different would you feel if you could just get a good night?   Often the problem started with an event but that may have been long ago.  You may not even remember when you started sleeping badly.  Hypnotherapy can go to the root cause of your sleep problems.

There are two typical problems with sleeplessness and Insomnia

  1. You have difficulty getting to sleep – or just don’t
  2. You fall asleep quickly and then wake up at some unearthly hour

Very often you will actually fall into a very deep sleep about 2 hours before you are due to get up and then have problems waking up and functioning properly.

I have a lot of experience of helping people establish good sleep hygiene and overcoming their problems and bad patterns.

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