Nose Picking

Nose Picking
Do you want to stop the disgusting habit of picking your nose?

“rhinotillexomania” is the official word for Nose picking.

  • According to research The majority of people 9/10 pick their nose at least once a day.   Yet less than 1/10 will own up to it.
  • Some people may pick their nose as much as 20 times a day
  • It isn’t harmless and will probably increase the prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus which can cause secondary infections  of the skin, respiratory system, Sinusitis and may also cause food poisoning.  The superbug MRSA is a methicillin resistant form (Methicillin being one of the strongest antibiotics known to man)
  • Nose picking may cause physical damage to the Septum and the Sinuses.

Hypnotherapy is effective for stopping Nose Picking and Nail biting.   It will help you to be more mindful so that you don’t put your fingers up your nose or in your mouth

If you want to know more about the research google “Andrade and Srihari” Nobel Prize

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