Nail biting

Are you a nail biter? Want to stop?
Many people bite their nails until they are stumps and their fingers are sore


Or “onychophagia” may be classified  by some as “Pathological grooming” alongside OCD.

Have you been  biting your nails for years and would like to stop?  Do you spend money on getting your nails done and still bite them?

“I now no longer bite my nails. Done, dusted, as simple as that!   Jeff is extremely personable and clearly knows his stuff” – John – Wirral December 2015

With Nail biting there may be a time when you first bit your nails. Whenever you are faced by similar stress or anxiety you will tend to bite your nails. You may have been biting your nails for such a long time that it has become a deeply ingrained habit.    Even if you resolve to stop you find it impossible to do so.  It may seem like such a minor thing to tackle but stopping nail biting can be a metaphor for taking control of your life.  You may find that your motivation in other areas of your life improves once you have tackled nail biting.

Risks from Nail Biting: –

  • Nail Infections – An infection in the nail bed Paronychia) can be nasty and may require a surgical procedure
  • Skin Infections in the skin around the nails and fingers
  • Infections such as the warts virus HPV can be passed to the mouth and lips – warts on your lips!
  • Damage to teeth and gums

Are you sick of this immature habit?  (Most people stop beyond childhood or adolescence)  Then why not spend some money on a single hypnotherapy session?

If you really are ready to stop this habit then one session should do the trick and if you are not entirely satisfied I’ll give you your money back.

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