Reduce your drinking

Cut down on your wine intake - to healthy levels
Also known as liquid cake moderate intake of wine is good – excess is not

Lots of people drink too much

“I often end up drinking the whole bottle” is what lots of clients say to me.

Some of know that we drink too much and set off with the best intentions but then find that after the first drink our resolve is weakened and then we may end up drinking the whole bottle or spend the rest of the evening drinking.

The government recommends : –

  • 14 units for Women
  •  21 units for men.   Revised in January 2016 to 14 units
  • They further recommend that you do not exceed:
    • 2-3 units per day
    • Do not save up your units to drink in one heavier session
    • Many people regularly drink more than this with consequences for their health and other aspects of their life.

Hypnotherapy can help you reduce your habit of drinking to excess.  I used  to work in the Wine & Spirit industry and believe that people should enjoy alcohol without it causing them a problem.

A similar approach can also be used for a sweet tooth – a cake,  biscuit, sweet or chocolate habit.

There are not many health experts nowadays that will suggest that drinking alcohol has health benefits.   Increasing your intake of Alcohol above the recommended units dramatically increases your chances of drinking related diseases and Cancer.   If you smoke as well,  you are exponentially stacking the cards against yourself.

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