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This is a round up of the articles that I have published on the Hypnotherapy Directory and Linked in.  If you think there is something that I should write about then please drop me a line.

Hypnotherapy Directory – 20 Articles published

9th May 2017 – what-cant-you-change-with-hypnosis?

19th April 2017   – Does a forthcoming general election make you feel more anxious?

4th March 2016   Hypnotherapist Heal Thyself

19th February 2016  The man under your bed – Childhood issues

2nd February 2016  Can you change your personality with Hypnotherapy?

15th January 2016   Is hypnotherapy ever like stage hypnosis?

7th January 2016  Hypnotherapy isn’t magic or is it?

24th November 2015  Hypnotherapy for a broken heart

9th November 2015 What Hypnotherapy isn’t 

26th October 2015  Should you have an affair or Hypnotherapy 

17th October 2015  Are Money Worries Making You Depressed?

11th October 2015  Letting the Ghosts of your Past go

18th September 2015  Depressed or anxious? – fake it until you make it?

11th September 2015  What is the point of anxiety?

My Linked in writings
These are my articles from Linked in Pulse

5th September 2015 I want to come off antidepressants – can hypnotherapy help?

11th August 2015  Self Limiting beliefs

26th June 2015   Sugar Addiction and Healthy Eating 

7th June 2015  The expectation of prospective clients

16th May 2015 – Rapport with your hypnotherapist

Published 1st May 2015  Hypnotherapy for the Summer – What do you fear?

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