The Elephant in the room

Focusing on the problem…….

Does it generally go away?…..Well er No!

An elephant in a Bathroom
Does your issue feel like and Elephant in the room

When a client presents with a problem or range of problems it is usually striking that they are focused very much on the problem.   It is very much like an Elephant in the room.  They may have spent months or years analysing their problem.   They may have made failed attempts to overcome their behaviour.   They then continue to analyse why they have failed to overcome their problems.   They get more of what they are focused on.   When it is suggested by their friends and family to get help from a therapist they may reject this as an implied criticism that they cannot solve their problems on their own.   Ironically this is exactly what the Therapist will help you to achieve – overcome the issues  and achieve lasting changes, on your own.

Hypnotherapists help clients by helping the client discover and find the resources within themselves to change their behaviour.  They help the client to look past the elephant.  Accepting that the elephant is there instead of wishing in vain that it was gone.

If you are stuck with a problem and everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked,  then perhaps its time for a fresh   approach.   Please email or phone me in confidence.

The Elephant in the room
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