Dreading Christmas? Volunteer to help others?

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Lonely at Christmas?

Not all of us look forward to it.

I’m one of them.  I’m not entirely dreading Christmas day and I’m no Scrooge.   For many though Christmas can serve to underline loneliness and loss.

Many of us experience feelings of loss at Christmas.    Try not to lose sight of the fact that there may be some fabulous happy memories to cherish.

This Christmas lots of people will be celebrating the day alone.  I plan to celebrate on different days – it is after all just another day.    And celebrate I will!     Celebrate for the absent friends and relatives, my parents (Both departed) and all the good times.  Putting much emphasis on gratitude.

I may buy myself a little something good to enjoy on the day.  I will watch a bit of Telly and break from my normal routine.   While, even if the weather is terrible,  I will get some fresh air and walk in the local park.    I will have some good food and make the most of my freedom.    I will also connect with some of the people that I can’t see on the day face to face, with email, Facebook and Skype.

I expect I may feel a little lonely on my own on the actual day.   Yet I will practice mindfulness and not indulge or feed the thoughts of loneliness.  I will probably write about all my happiest Christmas memories and also look forward to future Christmas’s which I will aim to make grand affairs.   Note I am one of the lucky ones  I am very seldom lonely – I am usually very sociable and spend lots of time with other people.   It is not uncommon for the people you know not to be able to see you on Christmas day -For example most of my family will be working so I plan to see them either side of Christmas and I consider myself extremely lucky.


If you are often lonely then probably Christmas day may underline this loneliness.    If you are dreading Christmas then perhaps think about volunteering to help others.  The payoff even affects you at a hormonal level – gaining some recognition for helping others can really help you feel good.    Whilst finding inspiration for this blog I stumbled upon an excellent page on the Mind Website and this can be found here.  //www.mind.org.uk/information-support/tips-for-everyday-living/loneliness/#.Wi5kh0q6_IU

Good luck 🙂


Dreading Christmas? Volunteer to help others?
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