Get help adjusting to retirement?
Retirement can be hugely stressful – manage this change

There are lots of issues with retirement…

  • The stress of adjusting to a new lifestyle is usually underestimated and has been known to reduce mortality – it is not hugely different from the process of grief.
  • You may love your job and the thought of not having a defined purpose or role may worry you
  • Spending a lot more time with your spouse might concern you
  • Stress, Depression and anxiety
  • You may want to consider doing some form of work to keep your hand in

If the thought of retirement is causing you anxiety and stress then you might not be facing it as positively as you could.  This is where hypnotherapy and coaching can help.  A little guidance could be useful.

It is my own intention to keep working – I studied hypnotherapy as a way to continue to work in a way that wasn’t as physically demanding into my semi retirement.

Please give me a call and we can work on a package that will be ideal for your requirements to enable you to really make the most of and enjoy your retirement to the full.

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