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How does life coaching fit in with Hypnotherapy?   A lot closer than you might think.

As a Sales Manager I learned some important coaching skills.    More recently when I became committed to personal change and took massive action to make this happen,  I decided that I wanted to help people live the lives they want rather than the lives they have.   People constantly rationalise that they are stuck with what they have.  People stay in jobs or Marriages that they are unhappy in and may feel trapped.

Hypnotherapy as a new career choice came about as a consequence of my interest in life coaching.  In the USA it is much more common for life coaches to use hypnotherapy.  In the UK life coaches seem to prefer to stick with the weaker cousin NLP which I prefer to call Eyes wide open hypnosis because through influencing you subconsciously  it amounts to the same thing.  Interestingly Richard Bandler one of the founders of NLP seems to be using a lot more hypnosis nowadays.  Paul Mckenna a well known Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist is active in NLP and works with Bandler.

Lots of us feel that we are on a treadmill.  Making changes whilst on this treadmill is extremely difficult because it is constantly moving.   Change is very often stressful. This type of stress could be viewed as eustress  (positive stress) as a pose to distress (negative stress).  This stress should not be underestimated.  It is perhaps why most of us only ever make small changes to our careers or lifestyle.  We also invest huge amounts of energy and emotion justifying the status quo (Rationalisation)

Having undergone massive changes to my outlook and my lifestyle I have experienced change first hand.  My life has become greatly enriched.  In the last 7 years I have undergone massive changes in my personal relationships, my career, my fitness, my weight and most importantly my outlook.

If you want to make changes in your life then I will challenge and push you to make the changes that you desire.  I will challenge your negativity and give you tools to help you make the changes that you want.

If you have considered finding a life coach then it is important that you find the right person for you.  Some people want an evangelical American style life coach.  That really isn’t my style.   We are all very different and from my perspective coaching needs a more sensitive approach.  One of the basic premises  of life coaching is that clients come to you without any real problems wanting to make changes in their lives.  Scratch below the surface with most people and there can be tons of bad experiences that are preventing people from moving forward in certain areas of their lives.    Hypnotherapy can help put some of life’s experiences into a less painful and more positive context.

How Hypnotherapy can help with life coaching exercises: –

  • Help you become more mindful
  • Achieve deep levels of relaxation and de-stress. in the process stripping away negativity and helping you feel more positive
  • Help change your perspective on your own self limiting beliefs and then set practical objectives to help you blast them away
  • Re-frame Childhood attitudes and subconscious attitudes to Adult ones
  • Remove barriers, fears, phobias that hold you back
  • Help visualise and sculpt a new self image – Visualisation in Hypnosis is very powerful indeed.
  • Visualise a brighter future
  • Remove barriers to confidence, learning, writing or public speaking.
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