Boiling a Frog

Boiling a Frog - an expression for change creeping up on you
Boiling a Frog – an expression for change creeping up on you

Boiling a Frog

The basic premise is that a live frog if put into hot water will quickly jump out,  but a frog that has been put into cold water brought to the boil gets used to it and boils to death.

This is a pretty gruesome anecdote to describe how creeping change can leave us unaware of the real change until it is too late or serious damage is done.

People sometimes find themselves in unhappy marriages, unhappy in  their jobs, feeling unfulfilled.   All along little things just weren’t right,  but none of them were enough to make them want to leave.  Eventually years later a crisis may occur.

If you detect that you are heading towards such a situation, you may rationalise that there is very little that you can do.  I find this to be a very common situation with clients.  Often people will let an unsustainable situation persist until they are depressed or anxious.

Sometimes you may reach the point of wondering what the hell happened to me.  Where is the positive, optimistic energetic, person that I used to be?   My answer is that he/she is still here but it is a bit like a shiny diamond covered in layers of dirt.  The dirt is life’s negative references.  We need to help  your perspective to let the shiny inner child – like a sparkling diamond,  twinkle and sparkle again.

You are like a shiny diamond
Your inner you is like a shiny diamond. Life adds layers of dirt. Clean away the dirt and the diamond sparkles again 🙂 

If you are struggling to know what to do then a hypnotherapy session or three can give clarity to your thoughts.  With a bit of personal coaching we can help you change and become proactive again.

  • Set clear goals
  • Let go of resentment
  • Let go of fear
  • Become more confident
  • Become more motivated
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