Positive Change
Change is a vital part of personal growth

Contemplating Change?

You may have been contemplating change for a long time?  You may even feel bad about how long it has taken you to finally get around to changing?   You may feel that you have been procrastinating about change?   You may have made initial enquiries and then not followed them up.

Relax, before any major decision or change a period of contemplation is quite normal.  Its a bit like a deciduous tree going through the seasons – After a winter of inactivity suddenly things spring to life in the spring.  Eventually after a period of contemplation you reach the stage where you finally take action or are ready to take the plunge.   Even when you have made a decision to change and have acted upon it – you may still be tempted to go back to your old behaviour – this is very much true with  any addictive behaviour.

How I can help with a combination of personal coaching and hypnotherapy exercises.

  • Help you understand how  you feel deep down about the change and clarify your thoughts
  • Help you understand barriers to change
  • Help you move into the action phase and set clear goals
  • Strong visualisations through hypnosis to keep you on track
  • Bespoke Self Hypnosis recordings to help keep you on  track
  • Other techniques to help you keep moving  forward and minimise setbacks.
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