Can your mind heal you

An X-Ray of Jeff Cassapi's knee
I Injured my knee but regained nearly full movement

I think it can,  but what do you think?

I have had lots of discussions with people about the power of the mind to help heal.   I stumbled across this Youtube video by Phil Parker.   I found this particularly interesting from my own personal experience.   I injured my knee in a nasty skiing accident in March 2015 and could only bend it 108 degrees.   It took nearly 3 months to get that far and for 3 months  I was unable to cycle.    I had intensive physiotherapy several times a week and yet every time my knee was measure it didn’t get better.  After 3 months of treatment the NHS stopped Physio because I wasn’t improving.

This is what happened

It was only when the NHS decided to stop the physio and said they would discharge me that I resolved to get movement into the knee.   Instead of physio I acted as if there was nothing wrong with my knee.  I started cyling more, taking the stairs and often carried my bike up and down stairs at railway stations.

When I returned 6 months later to the NHS my consultant was shocked at my incredible level of recovery and used the words “Gobsmacked”.

Your beliefs are very powerful.   Now I don’t go as far as to say that your mind has power over nasty life threateneing diseases and there has also been much research to discredit that notion but with regards to injuries the mind has the power to improve the outcome.

Believing you will recover has got to be better than believing you won’t.


Can your mind heal you
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