Can a Leopard change his spots? Step Change?

A leopard patterned teapot
Can a leopard change his spots?

Step change?

If we are talking about someone’s essential character then some people are divided as to whether this can be achieved.  But that debate is similar to the fixed mindset vs growth mindset.  Growth mindset is the way the human mind and brain really works – adaptable, changeable, plastic.   Step change is very much achievable if you believe it is.

My Position after studying and debate is very clear – You can absolutely change yourself.

Your behaviour is very much dictated by your beliefs and your belief system.

Changing your belief through change management can change the way you behave.   A smoker who believes that they cannot under any circumstances give up smoking will not give up.  In order to change they have to believe that they can change and then also want to and be motivated to.   It is not quite as simple as that and there are other factors to consider.  With an addiction or habit, there can be a whole cycle of denial and contemplation before action.  Once you take action you also need a successful strategy to make sure that the change is permanent and that you do not relapse into the old behaviour.


To help focus on what it is you want to achieve it is good to make the objective SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timed / Timely

Of course, hypnotherapy can significantly change your perspective and imagination in relation to your objective.   Repetition of the new behaviour that you much prefer is also key.   I record self-hypnosis recordings to help me achieve my own change and repeating the same process can significantly improve the outcome.   This is a service that I provide for clients if specifically asked for and if they have booked three sessions.   Focussing on where you are going  rather than where you have been is always a better strategy to achieve change. (and having specific  SMART goals).  Enjoy changing…

Can a Leopard change his spots? Step Change?
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