A bright golden haze on the meadow

Picture of Daffodils
Spring Daffodils  – Change is perpetual

What a difference a day makes

A couple of days ago I had a stressful day.  Things went wrong. I didn’t feel good. I felt a little overwhelmed with tedious stuff.  I was bored.   I had walked around the park looking at the daffodils giving myself a friendly talking to.

When I went to bed I felt thoroughly exhausted.    Yet I was fortunate that  I slept really well and awoke refreshed.

I am left asking the question – was I experiencing letting go?  Or perhaps becoming  posed to head off in a new direction?

Note to self – bad feelings happen – sometimes they pass astonishingly quickly as these did.  Sometimes it may take a little longer.

The process of accepting things as they are can cause a little sadness and even stress until you let go and move forward.

Accepting change is a vital part of achieving personal growth.  Most of us will temporarily avoid the pain (A period of denial)  and avoid personal growth.  It can also be a slippery slope.   Many will persist in behaviours that are harmful – eating badly, drinking, smoking, abusing substances,  gambling or staying in a toxic relationship.   Eventually most of us reach a point where we are ready for change.    At that point we may choose to put up with some pain,  in order to move forward.

If you are feeling down or stressed you may need to contemplate changes and “bite the bullet”.

If you can’t work out what the issues are then you should talk to someone.  Getting things “off your chest” can help clarify your thoughts.     A Hypnotherapist may use Hypno-analysis to get a better understanding of your issues.

A bright golden haze on the meadow
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