Brainstorming and Hypnotherapy

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Can you imagine yourself being more creative?

Limiting Beliefs

I am continually pleasantly surprised with the way people’s behaviour and beliefs can be modified and transformed after hypnotherapy.  Sometimes this happens in as little as one session.  It is often as simple as changing perspective or removing a block.   Below is an article on ways to brainstorm ideas. The link was shared by a good friend of mine.  Thank you A.   Lots of people believe that they aren’t creative thinkers.  Perhaps it’s something they perceived from their education or a careless remark an adult made when they were young.   It then easily becomes part of their self-limiting beliefs.   Everybody has the ability to think creatively and normally if you look at the evidence there is plenty to contradict such self-limiting beliefs.   Even if you see yourself as a creative type, you may still be limiting potential and in effect creating a glass ceiling on your creativity.   If you would like to explore this idea either as an individual or for your team (there is scope to offer a corporate rate for sessions in the workplace) then please drop me a line.

Case in point – I used to believe that I would never write a blog or run my own business.  I didn’t think I was the right “type”.   This was despite people telling me that I would be good.   It was only when I started on this path that I blasted away a whole load of self-limiting beliefs.  With every client that I see it helps me to challenge my own ideas and grow.


Carol Dweck in “Mindset” mentions how people who believed they could not draw,  were taught to draw using Dr Betty Edwards book  “Drawing with the right side of the brain”.   Change your mindset and you change your potential.  Hypnotherapy can be instrumental in helping you harness your imagination better.

People underestimate the power of Hypnotherapy yet hypnotherapy is simply harnessing the full power of your imagination and that we know is immensely powerful.   Self-limiting beliefs are like an invisible cage.   Often the belief is so strong that you do not question it.   It has in effect become a fact.   Circus elephants were trained to walk around the ring using a thick rope.  Once the Elephants became conditioned the rope is replaced with a thin rope that the elephants could easily break free from but they never do.   They have learned “helplessness”.     A similar thing happens with Procrastination.  Phobias become stronger because people avoid their fears – bars of your imaginary prison,  but these are subjects for another blog…


Brainstorming and Hypnotherapy
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