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Saturday was a great day.  Busy, sociable and full of laughter.

Sunday was dull by comparison.    I would sometimes try to put Sunday’s dullness into the context of you need dull days to make the good days really good but the truth is that I was not enjoying having a quiet and peaceful day.  Being alone with my thoughts is what I do normally and do quite well.  Easter Sunday is supposed to be a holiday (Nothing more if you aren’t religious)  and I had a strong feeling of being bored.  I  tried to reframe these feelings.   I went for an hours walk.   I have read lots of article on how gratitude can help you feel happy and completely understand that, yet although I feel immense gratitude for my friends, my family and my job (s) it isn’t enough.  This particular Sunday I needed something else.

So the going with the flow I came to the conclusion that the positive upside of boredom is that had inspired me out of the door to go and spend the evening with friends.   (Sometimes negative emotions can be guiding you in the right direction).   I think the main lesson is that if you have feelings of unease then you need to examine if you can do something productive with those feelings.

Following your true feelings can be entirely the right thing to do – as long as you are sure that these are your true feelings.  Sometimes when stressed it is very difficult to work out what your true feelings are.  My mini meditation whilst sitting on a bench in the park did the trick.

If you have a mixture of feelings and can’t see the wood for the trees then Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis can help work out what is really going on.

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