Are you drinking for the wrong reasons
Drink too Much?

Drink Less?

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and I drank a little more than I normally do as people wanted to buy me a birthday drink.   I try to avoid getting involved in a round for exactly the same reason.  Feeling tired the next day I  reflected on this and remembered some very good advice which I will regurgitate:-

  1. Don’t drink on an empty stomach
  2.  Be mindful of how much you have already had.
  3.  Drink a soft drink chaser (tonic instead of gin and tonic or shandy)
  4.  Pace yourself –  drink as mindful as you can
  5.  Set a limit and stick to it (even if people offer you free drinks)
  6.  Question if you really need to drink alcohol at all?

One of the commonest things that people say to me is if I start the bottle,  I have to finish it.   “Have to?”  – perhaps using over the top language which is creating a self fulfilling destiny?

People who eat too much sugar, chocolate or cake usually use the same arguments.   What they quickly  realise in hypnosis is the self fulfilling prophesy and is actually quite a negative disempowered point if view.

If you are going out for a pint it can be just that –  a single pint.   You are only recommended 14 units which is less than a pint a day anyway.

So my challenge for the coming weeks?   Drink soft drinks at social gatherings.   I will tend to go home earlier,  sleep better and feel great the next morning?   It will make that even rarer glass of wine taste better.

Booze blues
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