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A few things I read today that I want to share

Monday morning Roundup :- Is depression apart from grief or apart from grief  (and for the benefit of any friends who might think I’m reflecting on me – I’m OK honestly – just call me) /is-depression-apart-grief-or-part-grief The radical notion of

Contemplation and Procrastination

Been trying to change for a while? Contemplation and a degree of procrastination are totally normal.    When considering any change the process of change is just that, a process.   But what if you had finished contemplating, made a decision to

Save for Christmas?

Start saving in your imagination[final_countdown id=”RquARfY” width=”300px” height=”150px”] I have just taken a week off work.  I found myself wandering around shops and buying things that I probably didn’t need.   But I wanted to buy them – “Want” being

Working energises and fosters happines if you have the right attitude.

I choose to work hard. Whilst working hard I am generally stretching myself.   The most important element is personal growth.   As long as we are growing we lean more towards happiness. I also chose to let go of expectation (though

6 things you could do to spring forward this spring

Feeling Inspired? Spring Clean De-Cluttering is cathartic cleansing and can increase your focus.   Clutter isn’t very Feng Shui and may impede your energy flow. Plant something/ Nurture something This can be a metaphor for your own personal growth.  Focussing on

Slim for Summer?

Use hypnotherapy to Kick Start. [final_countdown id=”MD31wy8″ width=”300px” height=”150px”] Manage your weigh loss efforts starting with some hypnotherapy and then even have top ups  every few weeks. 3 Sessions starts at £140,   10x Sessions for £390 Eat more mindfully

Step away from that Egg

Chocoholic? [final_countdown id=”iE3lB28″ width=”300px” height=”150px”] As easter approaches  perhaps you should consider stepping away from the easter eggs? A large milk chocolate easter egg – 250g will contain  your quota of sugar for 3 days as a woman and 2

9th March No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day – 9th March [final_countdown id=”DNJERXT” width=”300px” height=”150px”] Key Points Do you get out of breath relatively easily? have you reached the point where you dislike the way Smoking makes your hair and clothes smell? Do you find more

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