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Huge pressure!

Stammering is brought about by the conscious mind.   When you are hypnotised you will not stammer.  Usually people who stammer can sing without stammering – the right hand side of the brain is responsible for creativity and music utilises your creative side.  The left hand side of the brain is the logical and language parts of the brain.

There are lots of reasons why people stammer yet it is worth investigating if there is an emotional issue hidden within the subconscious.    By releasing hidden suppressed emotion it is possible to get to the root cause of such issues.

If you stammered as a child this could affect you later in life.  You may be even more reluctant than others to avoid public speaking.

With Hypnotherapy I help you to focus on staying calm and relaxed.  You already know that the more relaxed you are the less of a problem this can be for you.

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