Picture of a woman on a treadmill to visualise the idea of being stuck on a treadmill of perfectionism
Are you stuck on a treadmill of perfectionism?

Perfectionism – And overcoming it

If your life so far has been dominated by trying to achieve perfectionism then you may reach a point where life is very much out of balance.    If this is has been a driving force for a long time it is likely that you are already ahead of your game but now struggle to let go.   Have you seen other people work less hard than you and yet they get further ahead in their careers?

You may have started to realise that Perfectionism isn’t such a positive driving force.  It is partly driven by fear which can be realistic but also rather negative.

So how do you now take your foot off the accelerator?  Your thought processes have become habit. They may be wrapped up with your sense of self.   There may be an element of self -esteem driving it.   “This what I do”.   However, if you are on this page then you have likely reached a point where you are dissatisfied that you are on that treadmill and you want to get off it.

It won’t be a simple case of being hypnotised and then you toddle off and immediately start to behave completely differently.   I will use hypnotherapy to start to change your perspective – in this respect, we are combining Hypnotherapy with Coaching and a solution focused approach.

  • Enhance Self-Esteem and more objectively analyse your performance – as others see it.
  • Learn to look more objectively at your strengths
  • Focus more on what you really want to achieve
  • Learn to let go of past behaviour and achieve “good enough”.
  • Focus on the bigger picture
  • Learn Mindfulness techniques to help manage Stress and Anxiety.


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