Change Personality Hypnosis?

Change Personality with Hypnosis?

Change personality using Hypnotherapy?   I have written a number of articles on the Hypnotherapy directory and when reviewing which were most popular this subject caught people’s imagination.

Firstly nothing is fixed.   It used to be believed that you were born with a level of intelligence or aptitude that stayed with you until your dying day.  It was also believed that brain cells start to decline from the age of 18.   To this day older people were brought up believing these things with other nonsense such as you lose your memory with age.   All have since been proven to be untrue.   I have written more about these subjects on this site.

Your brain is infinitely powerful and most people don’t really stretch it as much as they could.  A bit like a muscle the more you use it the more powerful it becomes.   Think negatively for a long period you will change the structure of your brain.  Drive a Black Cab in London you will develop your hippocampus.   If you read more,  your level of intelligence will improve and the measure of this IQ will increase.

How we Change Personality

Back to the original Question.    Personality is a predictor of behaviour.   It stands to reason, therefore, that if you change your behaviour you will change your personality.   Throughout your life your personality will change subtlely. From child to adult, young adult,  middle-aged to elderly grandparent there will change in how you interact with others.

I had a client that became Agoraphobic.   The client was perceived as shy by all around including the client’s parents. The client overcame the Agoraphobia, regained their confidence and then underwent a huge personal transformation.   Their personality was transformed by a lack of fear.  Within a year you wouldn’t recognise them as the same person because they became so confident.

Most of the clients that come to me will have a stress or anxiety related problem.  They believe that this is the way they are.  Through Hypnotherapy, I help them to see that this is not the way they really are but this is the way they have been behaving and they behave this way because they have certain beliefs.  Through Hypnosis we help change their perspective and in doing so we change beliefs.  This is the same reason why people do fire walking – to expand their belief system.

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