Nicotine addiction

The Debate goes on
Cigarettes vs E Cigarettes

Nicotine -Just Stop

But what about Both Cigarettes and E Cigarettes vs being a Non Smoker / Non Vaper.  There is no debate about that – there doesn’t need to  be one – there are no health benefits – None from smoking or Vaping. Nicotine is a poison with addictive qualities.

Hypnotherapy can help you Stop.

Some key points about E Cigarettes:-

  • Nicotine is poisonous and has been also used as insecticide due to this property.
  • Unless you are switching from Smoking Cigarettes to E Cigs  there are no real health benefits to E- Cigarettes
  • There are known effects of bacterial build up on  the apparatus that could damage your health (More study is needed)
  • The long term effects of Vaping are not known
  • To quit smoking it would be healthier to use patches,  gum or Hypnotherapy
  • It damages your cardiovascular system – increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Increases blood sugar levels and may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.  If you take nicotine with Diabetes you significantly increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.
  • Increases the amount of the Stress hormone Cortisol – It will not help you de- stress – the opposite is true.
  • Vaping may affect your sense of taste and smell.
  • Nicotine on its own is not a significant cause of cancer but may speed cancer if you have it (You may not know yet!)
  • Note you can research the points made here on the World Health Organisation website from which it is inspired.
  • Nicotine causes premature ageing of the skin and makes your hair more brittle
  • You are more likely develop  the typical smoker’s lip wrinkles than a Non-Smoker
  • Google “Popcorn Lung”

Just Stop! – Hypnotherapy can help.

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