Cannabis problem?

Do you have a cannabis problem
Cannabis problem

Smoking too much weed?

Cannabis – Also known as or associated with Skunk, Sensi, Sinsemilla, Puff, Pot, Marijuana, Herb, Resin, Hashish,Charas, Hash, Reefe, Blubbers, Gangster, Grass, Ganja, Draw, Dope, Bud, Bhang, Weed, Cannabis Sativa, THC.

Habituation is a very widespread issue.   If  you have reached the point where you realise that you have lost more than you gained from smoking Cannabis then I may be able to help you with  hypnotherapy to quit forever.

Some Hard Facts:-

  • Cannabis on its own is carcinogenic i.e. Causes cancer (with studies indicating a doubling of the risk of Testicular Cancer)
  • Smoking it with Tobacco is even more carcinogenic than smoking tobacco alone
  • Your chances of having an accident whilst under the influence dramatically increase
  • Prolonged use dramatically increases your chances of developing serious Psychosis and Schizophrenia
  • “The Munchies” could cause weight increase and toxic levels of blood sugar perhaps leading to diabetes

The likelihood as you read this list is that you rationalise just as smoker does about smoking that it doesn’t really apply to you or you simply don’t care.

Often your cannabis problem may start in your teens /early twenties and becomes such a part of your daily routine that it seems impossible to stop.  If you try to stop you may experience various issues: –

  • Intense Cravings
  • Irritability and Mood swings
  • Difficulty Sleeping

Eventually after a long period of Cannabis use it may affect you in lots of other ways: –

  • Decreased energy levels
  • Decreased motivation
  • Lack of ambition
  • Decreasing physical fitness
  • Poorer concentration

In addition to your cannabis habit if you are smoking with tobacco you also have the need to quit smoking as you may be addicted to Nicotine and the 1000 additional chemicals that can be found in cigarette tobacco.   We can combine the need to stop smoking with the removal of your cannabis problem.

See also “Addiction” and Stop Smoking

Stop smoking Cannabis now!  – Call for a free consultation with Jeff.

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