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What are you addicted to?

Addiction is relatively common

Addiction varies in its severity and intensity. Addiction to Cocaine and Cannabis has become relatively common. At one time it was believed that Cocaine and Weed were not addictive though it has now been found that a significant number of users do get addicted.  Opiates such as Heroin and Morphine are fiercely addictive with well known physical dependence. Hypnotherapy can be particularly useful in the action and recovery phases of addiction with Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Exercise or Nicotine. This means generally that you are really sick of your problem and want to give it up and have started to try to quit. If you are still actively using and in denial of the problem or are still undergoing a period of serious contemplation without attempting to stop then Hypnotherapy is unlikely to make much difference.   As with all hypnotherapy for most issues,  the declared intention of the client must be to change their behaviour.  Without this intention t, ere is little the  Hypnotherapist can do to help the client, since hypnotherapy utilises the desires of the client and the client’s subconscious mind to achieve change.

Addiction can be very hard on relatives and they may think of hypnotherapy as a solution,  However it is the client that has to want to make the changes independently for themselves.

Hypnotherapy can be useful in reducing stress and anxiety for addicts and therefore reduce the likelihood of them continuing their habit due to stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is not a silver bullet – it is a useful tool to help people change their behaviour to a more positive model.


If you have an alcohol addiction and are determined to recover then Hypnotherapy can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels.  You know that when you are stressed or not coping with stresses in life you are far more likely to seek alcohol.  I can give you tools to help.   I cannot hypnotise your alcoholism away.  That is something you must deal with yourself.    It is essential that you are getting help and attending a support network such as AA.

Are you a gambler?
Gambling Addiction?


The success of hypnotherapy could depend on how severe your problem is.  Reducing stress, changing habits and routines can help.



Food or Cigarettes

This is mentioned here and although many consider a less severe form of addiction it can have dramatic consequences if you have health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol or a diabetes problem and continue to smoke or eat the wrong foods.  Hypnotherapy has a very good track record in helping people give up things.  If it is a single issue such as smoking and you are committed to giving up but can’t get past your habit then you may respond in as little as one session.


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