Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
I very much respect your privacy

I take your privacy very seriously (Updated for 25/5/18)  or its owner Jeff Cassapi  will not send unsolicited email.  I will never sell your email address or mobile phone number on to third parties. I will carefully protect your identity on this web site.  At the moment there are no registered user areas and data of users is not stored on the site. At some time in the future it may be possible to register as a user for special sections of the website.  A strict privacy policy will be adhered to.

I may wish to ask you if you would like to receive news and offers from me.  This will be an opt in service and of you do not wish to receive newsletters or special offers then it will be very easy to opt out of such items.

The ethics of Hypnotherapy prevent me from reporting any of my experience with clients without their express permission.  As such I am unable to write or  blog in such a way that the person’s identity could be guessed at.   It also means that I can ask you to give me a review online but here I am at your mercy and it is easy for me to understand that some people would rather not admit to having visited a hypnotherapist.

For this reason if you give me a positive review – It is like gold dust.

If you have given me a review – I thank you.  If you would like to then this will be very highly appreciated.

Generating traffic on the internet is a very important part of growing my hypnotherapy business.   To this end my website may use tracking code to establish where this traffic comes from.  At the time of writing this will not be used for any marketing purposes since I only sell my own services.     If at a future date I start to change my marketing policy then any marketing from third parties  will be on an opt in basis only.  Thank you.

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