Very few terms and conditions apply.   Fundamentally I want my clients to have a great experience and tell their friends and family how they have changed their behaviour for the better.   You should find that hypnotherapy can make a big difference to your life.  It can help people make profound life changes.    When you book an appointment with me you are paying for my expertise and skill but also for my time as a qualified hypnotherapist.  My aim and primary motivation is to help people rid themselves of negative patterns of behaviour.  My client base is made up of a combination of fee paying clients,  some free clients (Charity Work) and people referred to me through other routes such as local GP’s and other therapists.

Advance bookings are non refundable.  However If you are unable to keep an appointment I will normally reschedule provided that I am given 24 hours notice. Please understand  I have to rent rooms and in the event of a last minute cancellation I will charge for the full session. Occasionally there are mitigating circumstances in which case I reserve the right to charge a £20 rebooking fee.


If you should decide not to complete a course of treatment for whatever reason then I am happy to refund fees provided that you cancel any bookings 48 hours from the future session date.   The session prices and refunds are broken down within the price list detailed elsewhere on this site.

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