My Specialities

Specialities - starting anew
Specialities – starting anew

I am often asked what my specialities are.

My specialities?  What I have learned very recently is that whatever I think I know – I really know nothing and must keep my mind open.  I have my own  unique perspective on personal change,  having experienced lots of personal change throughout my life and my  career.  I have worked in Agriculture, In large blue chip companies in hospitality, the paint and DIY Industry, Industrial  and specialised textiles and the hairdressing supply industry.    I have experienced divorce and the death of a parent.  I have also experienced depression and acute stress.  For a while I was rather overweight and learned to control my eating.   I have changed my diet to a healthier diet and reduced the amount of sugar and alcohol I consume.

More recently I learned to sail and have sailed offshore.  I have trained as hypnotherapist in my 50’s.

I am passionate about helping people overcome their issues and want to help people lead a more balanced life.

Aside from my qualifications and interest as a hypnotherapist  I have an active interest in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other forms of Counselling.

I am generally a glass half full optimist.  I am considered to be extremely honest.    I prefer to tell it like it is.

If I don’t believe I can help you with Hypnotherapy I will tell you.

My Specialities

But this list is always out of date – read my reviews – you will see that I get it right with most clients.  If I don’t think I can help you I will tell you.

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