Stop: Have you seen a doctor?

Seen a doctor before hypnotherapy
Have you seen your Doctor for this condition?

Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy.  It can be used to help existing ailments that have been under the attention of you GP.  Whilst there is good evidence that the subconscious mind can heal many conditions it is a pre-condition of  my hypnotherapy that you must have received advice about any pre-existing medical condition from your GP.   It would be ethically wrong to give someone hypnotherapy knowing that this is the only form of treatment.

Doctors will very often look to identify a physical cause of an illness.   They will rarely focus on a potential psychosomatic cause.   This is quite surprising given that Modern psychology owes its roots to Sigmund Freud’s work on hysteria .    Most doctors do not have much time to help patients with stress management and yet stress is a major cause of illness.   Things are changing with more Doctors suggesting that patients exercise and make lifestyle changes rather than simply prescribing antidepressants.

At the time of writing the NHS does not really endorse the use of complementary therapy.   The use of Hypnotherapy varies depending on where you live.   You should decide for yourself if you think hypnotherapy is the right course for you but don’t expect your doctor to recommend it.   I would be very interested to hear from anyone if their Doctor actively discourages you to visit me and I would be very interested in talking to Clients GPs about the use of hypnotherapy to alleviate symptoms and suffering.

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