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Liverpool Hypnotherapist Jeff Cassapi
Hypnotherapy is available through Jeff Cassapi in Liverpool

Hypnotherapy in Liverpool

My Name is Jeff Cassapi and I operate Hypnotherapy in Liverpool.  My original website Domain name was  (One life live it now)

A born and bred Liverpudlian.  My Mum was from Everton in Liverpool and my Dad from Liverpool City Centre.   My Dad’s dad was a Greek born in Athens.  His Mum was Welsh.   I  don’t really think of myself as Greek (or Welsh) in any way.  Speak only English and Liverpool is very much my home.   I’ve worked all over the UK.  Lived in London and the South East but returned to Liverpool in 1987 and have been here ever since.

Most of my clients are from the Liverpool area.  Some travel from Southport, St Helens, Warrington, Widnes, the Wirral and Chester.   I also carry out home visits in Liverpool by arrangement.   Sessions are usually at Woodlands Spa in Aigburth.

Many of my clients have anxiety or stress related issues.  I keep telling clients that the most important skill they can learn is to de-stress.  When we look at individual conditions such as Tinnitus, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue  Fibromyalgia, IBS and ME  stress plays a very important part in your subjective evaluation of these conditions.  In hypnotherapy, I can help change how you manage your stress.  I can also help you manage the conditions and most importantly how you feel about them.

Lots of the other issues that you would consider visiting me for include an element of stress.

Addictive behaviour may become worse at times when you are very stressed.   Stress changes how you subjectively feel about everything – Pain, love, Fear, Hate, Positivity, Negativity.

Issues with confidence and self-esteem are closely related to negative thinking and stress tends to predispose us towards negative thinking. Stress can affect your eating habits, your attitude to exercise, how you sleep.  Getting anxious or nervous about Exams, A sporting event, a driving test or a wedding speech will all tend to be affected negatively by how stressed and anxious you are.

My hypnotherapy will help you deal with the stress and move your focus away from the problem to the solution.  You have probably tried to do this on your own already but have found that you are repeating the same mistakes or replicating failure.  Emile Coue famously stated that the more you try to do something consciously the less able you are to do it subconsciously.  This is where hypnotherapy comes into its own. By working in a hypnotic trance we can help your subconscious and your conscious work together to change behaviour.

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