2 Questions that aid mindful thoughts

Thoughts to indulge?

picture showing red baloons as positive thoughts and emotions but blue balloons as negative emotions
If you are going to add energy to your thoughts choose which thoughts wisely.
A couple of simple but effective questions that can help your thoughts be mindful. (Particularly if you are feeling anxious, depressed or stressed)  I can’t remember where I heard the first one and my apologies that cannot give the source credit.
Sometimes when we are on the go – grounding ourselves and being mindful can be a challenge.  Without taking time to pause or meditate these 2 simple questions can help change the direction of your thoughts (provided you catch them early enough).  A bit like balloons floating past.   If you want to catch any – try to catch the good ones.
1) How is this thought or thought process helping me?
and this one from a friend on how to quieten the mind: –
2) I wonder what my next thought might be?

An example

I remember attending a stress management workshop.   A woman there said that she “hated” going to the Supermarket.  As a result, she almost inevitably always found going to the Supermarket stressful.
Yet she chose to keep going to the supermarket.  Why not choose delivered?   She also chose to sometimes go at busy times.   Of course there nothing mindful about her thoughts, actions or her subsequent emotions.   Quite a lot of people don’t enjoy the weekly shop.   What I often see with clients is that thoughts underlined with a lot of emotion or passion can quickly become “facts” in the mind.
Personally, I choose to enjoy shopping.  At busy times, it would be easy to get upset that it is taking a long time.  I try not to indulge any of these negative processes.   Thinking about all the lovely food I will have when I get home.  Underlining “Gratitude” and thinking about how great it will be cook for my friends or family.
2 Questions that aid mindful thoughts
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