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You’ve arrived here at Jeff Cassapi’s Liverpool Hypnotherapy you probably have an issue you want to tackle.  Most people arrive here because they have an anxiety, depression or Stress related issue.  You may also have an ingrained pattern of behaviour that you want to overcome or you might want to change or stop something in your behaviour.  The good news is that nearly everything has an element of your imagination involved and the great news about Hypnotherapy is that it can harness your imagination incredibly productively.   I don’t magic your problem away but what I do do is considered magical by many.


In particular, I urge you to read my excellent reviews.   (jeffcassapihypnotherapy/reviews/)  reviews can also be found dotted around the web – on Google Maps for example   Search “Jeff Cassapi Liverpool Hypnotherapy”.   I have also written a number of articles and links to these can be found here.

I have a number of years’ experience as a hypnotherapist in and around Liverpool and have helped lots of people with a diverse range of issues and problems.    You could start by reading my reviews which are generally always positive.   Prior to being a hypnotherapist, I worked in the commercial sector in Sales and Marketing for Multinational companies.  In addition to hypnotherapy, I also use eyes open techniques such as NLP, EFT and Solution Focused Therapy.  I also teach Children and have an enhanced DBS Certificate.   If your problem isn’t covered on this site then why not give me a call as I usually have a good idea of how to tackle your issue using hypnosis.

Hypnosis is particularly powerful at using your imagination to overcome patterns of behaviour or habits.  Hypnotherapy has the power to help change your beliefs and overcome obstacles quickly and dramatically.

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Sleeplessness and repetitive behaviour at Liverpool Hypnotherapy

These have a lot to answer for and account for most people’s issues.  When Stressed or anxious we don’t think the same.  We may not sleep as well and fatigue can become a problem.  We tend to think more negatively, limiting the potential outcomes.  In time our own beliefs almost become “facts” that we do not really question.   Hypnotherapy may use relaxation as part of its strategy but it is infinitely more powerful when it utilises the creative capability of your imagination.  In this way, it can help you overcome Trauma, PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, OCD , Habits and all of the things detailed at the bottom of the page.   You can also search this site, call or email an enquiry for further information.   I encourage people to call me well into the evening  (up to 10 pm is fine)

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis does not really change your actual thoughts or “Hypnotise them away”.  Instead, It harnesses your imagination and your perspective of events to help you think about things very differently.  Hypnosis is not mind-control either.   You the client,  retain control and will only choose to follow that which is within your own values.   Lots of clients have seen things on stage or TV and it is never really what it seems.  Things are presented in a show in such a way as to make it seem much more bizarre than is actually the case.  It is very common to talk to the hypnotherapist whilst in a hypnotic trance (Hypnoanalysis) sometimes getting to the root cause of your issues.   You will normally remember everything afterwards.  It can all seem pretty normal and yet often something very dramatic happens.

Weight Loss at Liverpool Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy as a way of boosting weight loss efforts can make a dramatic difference to both kick-starting the weight loss and keeping you on track – Please visit my section on “How to Lose Weight”

Stop Smoking

It has been my privilege to help people stop smoking in and around Liverpool  (Cigarettes, Vaping and Cannabis)  to become Non-Smokers.  Hypnotherapy also has a great track record in this area and you probably already know someone who has given up through this method.  The process is relatively simple but effective for a significant number of people.  You will normally pay for your session in the money saved on cigarettes within a week.

Hypnotherapy is now being backed up by hard facts and Science

Hypnotherapy is viewed by many as fringe.    Yet there is now a huge volume of research that shows that the hypnotic state is a productive state of altered consciousness.  Functional MRI scans are giving vital clues as to how our brains work.  Hypnosis gives understanding as to how our imagination literally lights up areas of the brain.  See this page for further information

Call for a free 30-minute telephone consultation

There is a lot of information on this site but the best way is normally to have a friendly no obligation chat.

Please call me for an up to 30 minutes friendly,  no obligation chat or alternatively email me your enquiry.

Geographical areas

“I love helping people improve the quality of their lives in Liverpool City Centre and South Liverpool (L1, L3, L17).  Also The Wirral, Southport, Widnes, St Helens, Warrington, Merseyside, Lancashire and Manchester.   I will also work outside of these areas when required”

Jeff Cassapi – Dip (Hyp) GQHP

All major credit and debit cards accepted via chip and pin machine and payment is also possible in advance of your session via Paypal.

Jeff Cassapi is GHR Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist

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